Your Condition Management Appointments are only required for Team members or spouses that have been notified at a Biometric Screening event or whom received a determination letter in the mail. If you are not sure if you have to complete the Condition Management requirement, please call 800-591-9220 for assistance.

Note: Your WellNurse is also available to meet with you throughout the year to discuss the questions you have about your health and wellness and help you reach your wellness goals. Schedule an appointment today! 

Call Wellness Rewards 800-591-9220.


Please Note:

·         Call 1-800-591-9220 to schedule your "Meet Your WellNurse/Coach" appointment. You will also need to schedule an appointment for your spouse.

·         If your spouse is required to complete Condition Management please call 800-591-9220 to schedule a WellNurse/Coach appointment.

·         Remote Employee(s), if you or your spouse are required to complete Condition Management, please call 800-591-9220 to schedule an appointment for the WellNurse to call you. 



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